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QR code used for customs freight passage at Meishan Port

It is learned from the customs that the Meishan Bonded Port Customs has adopted the QR code for the freight passage of the port. From now on, the enterprises can record their freight inventory to the QR code, which will be scanned and then the trucks can get through the customs, which is less time and effort consuming.
The use of the QR code rather than the traditional IC card helps the enterprises to reduce cost and burden. The enterprise can upload its freight inventories to a QR code at the information management system of the port, and then it can print the code out or post the code to the driver’s mobile phone. When the driver comes to the customs, he can put the code to the special scanner, which will send the information of the inventories confidentially to the backstage system for verification.
"The QR code model facilitates the docking of cargo enterprises and logistics enterprises. Meanwhile, it will save a lot of labor and card costs and makes it more convenient for the internal management." said Manager Geng of Longzhou Logistics Co. Ltd. 
The launching of the QR code system is a new measure of introducing technological means to the customs. "After several months' efforts, we have developed a new-generation smart management system, upgraded the hardware and optimized the backstage system, which has laid a solid technological foundation for the recognition function of the code." said a person in charge from Meishan Port Customs. It will continue with the smart transformation to provide further conveniences for the enterprises concerned

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