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VAT E-invoice for the Insurance Sector Launched in Ningbo

It is learnt from the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation on December 15 that VAT e-invoice has been fully launched.
The VAT e-invoice has the same legal effect as the traditional VAT invoice. Citizens are enabled to choose which kind they would like to use and the VAT e-invoice can serve as the credence of reimbursement through legal means. 
Citizens can acquire VAT e-invoices through logging in the website of the insurance company with the number and code of the VAT e-invoice acquired through text messages sent by the issuing agents. Citizens can check, download and print the e-invoice from the website. The acquirement of the e-invoice can be done through telephone, text messages and the Internet. 
Responsible men of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation suggest the e-invoice is recommended for it is more cost-effective, environmental friendly and easier to manage and keep

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