"Made in Ningbo" stable in quality

Category: Governmental News
Published: Sunday, 18 September 2011 22:30

On September 5, Ningbo Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the quality surveillance and sampling test results of products during the first six months. Among all the 1376 batches of products of 131 categories from 9 industries, 1255 were declared up to the standard, and the pass rate stood at 91.2%, which remained at the same high level as the same period of last year.

The sampling test finds the 100% pass rate in 90 categories of products, including frozen beverage, beer, T-shirt, anti-burglary safe, pressure cooker, indoor lighting switch, electric water heater, etc. The pass rate of some major products under surveillance, such as liquefied petroleum gas pressure regulator and fridge, also reaches 100%.

In terms of industries, the pass rate of products of medicine, textile, building material and machinery is above average. In terms of regions, the pass rate of products from Yuyao, Yinzhou and Cixi stands high over 90%.