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Local tax of Ningbo exceeding 30 billion yuan this year

Reportedly, in the first half of this year, the local tax collected amounted to 30.01 billion yuan, making a historical new high. The figure covers 66.4% of total planned for this year. Of the amount, the local share amounted to 28 billion yuan, covering 72.6% of the local financial income. Looked at in Zhejiang, Ningbo is keeping a stable and rapid growth in tax income, 3.3 points higher than the average of Zhejiang (excluding Ningbo), and 9.1 points higher than Hangzhou. In Ningbo City, the growth rate in Daxie, Hangzhou Bay Area and Yinzhou was all above 40%.

In addition, in the first half of this year, the general budgeted revenue of Ningbo reached 80.89 billion yuan, increased by 31.1% above the same period of the previous year. Of the amount, the local finance amounted to 39.087 billion yuan, and the state revenue amounted to 41.803 billion yuan.

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