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500 companies exempted over 100 million yuan

On July 13, the People's Bank of China Ningbo Branch released the information that since the cross-border RMB settlement was started on a trial basis on June 23, 2010, the cross-border settlements by the end of June reached 27.291 billion yuan, which means the exchange costs saved for 500 companies reached 100 million yuan.

Cross-border RMB settlement services are getting multifarious, such as RMB credit settlement, RMB L/G, RMB collection, etc. In terms of settlement structure, trade of imported goods takes a dominant position. In about a year's time, the settlements for imported goods amounted to 16.15 billion yuan, accounting for 59.19%. The settlements for exported goods keep rising too, totaling 502 million yuan during the year.

The piloting settlement of overseas direct investment has made some breakthroughs. Through increment of investment by RMB and project investment, the direct investment via RMB totaled 264 million yuan. The investment increment by foreign investors and loans of overseas shareholders reached 499 million yuan.

The overseas regions for RMB settlement keep increasing, from the original HK and Macau, Asian, to the US, Russia, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, UAE(United Arab Emirates), totaling 44 countries and regions.

Ningbo utilized foreign investment of 1.1 billion USD in first five months

According to statistics of the foreign trade bureau, Ningbo has newly approved 148 foreign investments during the first five months, with the contractual amount reaching 1.88 billion USD, up 41% over the same period last year, with the actual utilized amount reaching 1.16 bln, up 26%. In May alone, the contractual amount reached 435 million USD, and the actual mount 259 million USD, up 52% and 39% respectively.

HOPSCA-(Hotel, Office, Park, Shopping mall and Convention Area) has become a heated spot for foreign investment. During the ZJTIF, the Poly Plaza has been started up in Zhenhai, which consists of shopping malls, entertainment facilities, restaurants, hotels and offices), with planned area of 350,000 m2, which is about 1.6 times larger than the Tianyhi Square. In addition, 555 Group of the US is also to invest 800 million dollars in the Jiangbei District to start up a HOPSCA project.

Statistics show that the foreign investments in the tertiary sector increased by 1.3 times during the five months. Those of scientific research, wholesaling, retailing, rental service, commerce, transportation and warehousing have increased by 6.8 times, 2.9 times, 2.6 times and 51.8% respectively.

The confidence of foreign investors in Ningbo has been strengthened. This year, the Ningbo Airtech Company has increased the total investment from 48.55 mln UD to 84.55 mln USD, with the registered capital increased from 20 million to 32 million. Recently, the company set up an engineering center of 40,000 m2 in Fenghua, with investment of 100 million yuan.

Another example is the Ningbo Guanbao Warehousing Co., Ltd, which increased its investment from 52 million USD to 1,020 million USD. "We are optimistic about the prospect of Ningbo market. Ningbo's maneuver to forge an international big port has consolidated our confidence in expanding investment", said an executive of the company.

Statistics also show that about 100 foreign companies have increased their investment during the first five month, with the contractual investment increased reaching 510 million USD.

Ningbo accelerating constructing a commodity transaction center

On July 7, Ningbo held a meeting coordinating the disposal of the key proposals of Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference, and the focus was on the disposal of the key proposal "Vice Mayor Wang Renzhou, Vice Chairmen of Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference, Wang Jiankang and Zhang Minghua were present at the meeting.

"The proposal submitted by the Ningbo Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association is in line with the scientific outlook on development and the designed urban function of Ningbo and therefore it is beneficial to the long-term development of Ningbo. Related departments of Ningbo government should adopt this proposal and implement it," said Wang Renzhou at the meeting.

At the 5th session of the 13th Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference, Ningbo Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association collectively put forward a proposal "Suggestion on Accelerating Construction Ningbo Imported Commodity Transaction Center." The proposal says that based on the advantageous positions including its ports, Ningbo should accelerate constructing a commodity transaction center, that by means of rational planning and layout, the city should make full use of Ningbo Free Trade Zone and Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Zone, so as to improve its commodity transaction system.

Ningbo to introduce 20,000 talented people for smart city construction

A meeting on cultivating talented people for smart city construction was held a couple of days ago. Some 120 representatives from Zhejiang University Software College, Ningbo University and other institutions took part in it.

Information from the Smart City Construction Leading Group tells that during the 12th Five-Year Plan, the city will optimize the cultivation system and try to introduce 20,000 talented people for smart city construction, including 100 top-notch professionals, 2500 returned scholars, and 5000 people badly needed by various sectors, 2000 foreign experts, etc. Besides, it aims to cultivate 4000 executives and skilled people, 200 entrepreneurs, and 5000 people of IT and major industries, 5000 people engaged in modern service industries and internationalization.

Ningbor's fiscal revenue: 80.89 billion yuan

According to Ningbo Municipal Financial Bureau, from January to June in 2011, the general budgeted revenue of Ningbo reached 80.89 billion yuan, covering 62.8 % of the budgeted total, 19.2 billion yuan more than the same period of the previous year, increased by 31.1%, and 5.6 points higher than the average of Zhejiang. Of the total, the local finance amounted to 39.09 billion yuan, covering 66.9 % of the total budgeted early this year, 9.74 billion yuan more than the same period of the previous year, increased by 33.2% over the precious year, and 5.6 points higher than the average of Zhejiang.

From January and June, The various tax income collected by the local tax departments amounted to 46.5 billion yuan, 10.7 billion yuan more than the same period of the previous year, increased by 29.9%, Taking off the contract tax, the farmland occupation tax, tax revenue of the first half of this year amounted to 30.01 billion yuan, making a historical new high. The figure covers 66.4% of total planned for this year. Of the total, the local share amounted to 28 billion yuan, covering 72.6% of the local financial income. Looked at in Zhejiang, Ningbo is keeping a stable and rapid growth in tax income, 3.3 points higher than the average of Zhejiang (excluding Ningbo), and 9.1 points higher than Hangzhou. In Ningbo City, Daxie, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area and Yinzhou all had their tax income increased by over 40%. The growth rate of Zhenhai, the High and New Technological Zone, Beilun, Ninghai and Fenghua is above 30%.

From January and June, the export with the tax refunding valued 22.337 billion yuan, increased by 33.9% above the same period of the previous year.

With the rapid financial growth, Ningbo this year goes on enlarging expenditures people's living affairs, and using more money to ensure and improve people's livelihood. Take low-price housing for low-income earners as an example. this year, Ningbo has increased the input in public rental houses. In 2011, the city will take 1.438 billion yuan as fund for housing security.

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