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Foreign Business Service Month 2011 Kicks Off

The city is making efforts to enable 100 investment projects to be settled or completed, which include CHIA TAI ENT Agriculture project, Yongshang Property Development project and Yisheng Petrochemicals Phase-3. This is a message released from a meeting to kick off the Foreign Business Service Month 2011 held on August 12. Vice mayor addressed the meeting.

With the theme of Solving Difficulties and Optimizing Services, the Service Month aims to introduce more big projects and promote the industrial restructuring of existing foreign businesses.

During this month, competent departments will gather and sort out difficulties and problems confronted the foreign businesses and try to help out. They will maneuver to crack nuts of industrial upgrading, rising costs, financing, and power supply, etc. The government will organize companies to visit the Smart City Fair and to participate in the Private Businesses Face to Face with Global Top 500, etc.

Xiangshan Bureau of entry and exit inspection and quarantine strengthens inspection on outdoor lamps

Xiangshan Bureau of entry and exit inspection and quarantine strengthens inspection on outdoor lamps

From January  to July 2011, Xiangshan has exported 277,645 cases of outdoor lamps, valuing $15.98 million. Since January 1, 2011, outdoor lamps have been included in the

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Ningbo, ¥5 billion to reconstructed school premises

After the earthquake in Wenzhuan, the safety of school premises has aroused greet concern in China. It is learned from the municipal education bureau of Ningbo that the three-year project of school premise reconstruction has had 125 schools completed while the entire project is expected to be completed by the end of the year, by which time all the 800,000 primary and middle school students will be having classes in seismic resistant classrooms.

In 2009, Ningbo planned to conduct the safety assessment, removal, reconstruction and consolidation of primary and middle school premises of the city within 3 years. The plan included 287 schools, involving an investment of ¥5.03 billion. Up to now, a total sum of ¥3.91 billion has been invested, with 218 schools having been or still being reconstructed.

After reconstruction, all the schools will be seismic-resistant.

It is learned that the reconstruction project involves all the primary and middle schools of the city, public or private alike. After safety assessment, a total number of 287 schools have been included in the plan.

What safety problems to be solved?

According to a person in charge of finance of the project, one task is to reinforce school premises with safety hazards in arrears of high seismic intensity of or over 7 degrees. "After reconstruction, all schools must be 7-degree seismic-resistant."

Schools with safety hazards of flooding, landslides, mud avalanche and typhoons are required to be moved to safety.

Moreover, schools with safety hazards from lightening and fire  are to be reconstructed, with dangerous houses relocated, reconstructed or reinforced accordingly.

In addition to the school that need reconstruction of reinforcement, 93 schools need to be removed and rebuilt altogether. Now 72 of them are under construction and 44 have been completed.

"The safety of school premises concerns everyone and that is why we are going to build them into safest places so that parents can rest assured of the kids' safety," said the person in charge.

A visit to the construction sites

The administrative buildings of some schools may not be completed in time.

On the tenth, the teaching buildings and administrative buildings were seen surrounded by scaffolds on the usually quiet campuses of Don'en Middle School, Li Xinggui Middle School, Lumei Middle School and Kongpu Middle School and so on.

According to a person in charge of the construction at Dong'en, 5 to 6 buildings of the school need to be reconstructed and now work on the pillars, beams and wall is almost finished while the decoration of the exterior walls in under way.

It is learned that the new standard of seismic-resistance was issued after 1990 and many of the school houses built before that cannot meet the seismic resistance requirement. Most of the school premises included in the project belong to such houses.

Then how can old buildings be made seismic-resistant? It is learned that consolidation is mainly done on columns, beams and walls with steel reinforced concrete to make them quake-proof.

So far, there are 93 schools in the city busily under construction while the summer vacation is drawing to the close. Will the project delay the re-opening of schools?

"We are pressed for time indeed, but with proper scheduling, we will make it before the vacation ends," said a person in charge.

As for Haishu District, 14 primary and middle schools are still being constructed. A person responsible for safety in the district education bureau said "work on teaching buildings must be finished before August 25, which is the deadline." However, since the amount of work is enormous, work on the administrative and laboratory buildings of a few schools might be delayed a little.

Special operation to check for safety hazards in the port and shipping systems

Recently, a number of serious accidents have happened in the transportation on water. To draw lessons from such accident and prevent similar happenings, a two-month special operation has been launched to check for safety hazards in the port and shipping systems of Ningbo and citizens can report any such hazard in a variety of ways.

It is learned that these hazards fall into the following five major categories: enterprises do not have the necessary conditions for safe production stipulated in the state safe production law or trade standards or unsafe factors are present among the staff, in the environment, facilities and equipment, which may lead to accidents, casualty and loss of property; construction projects without safety facilities or whose safety facilities have not been officially examined, inspected and approved but are put into use and production; the operation, transportation and storage of dangerous items in violation of related laws and regulations or trade standards, which may lead to casualty and loss of property; enterprises concealing or falsely reporting deaths and injuries in accidents; other factors that may endanger the society or the production of enterprises leading to casualty and loss of property.

Citizens may report such hazards via telephone, mail or e-mail: 87834812 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 106, Wangga road, Jiangdong district (postal code: 315041). Authorities will look into the case within 20 work days and, if reports are proved true, reporters will be awarded ¥200, ¥500, and ¥800 accordingly.

16th Sports Meet to be held on August 8

On the afternoon of August 4, the organizing committee of the 16th Sports Meet of Ningbo said the event would be held on August 8. Some items have already been held from April to July. Among the players, about 300 are from migrants from outside Ningbo.

The sports meet is held every four years. There are altogether over 70 items, with participants totaling 10,000. Different from previous sessions, the sports meet this year have more migrant people participating. "To have more new Ningboese participate is good to popularize sports among the citizens. It's good to the social management, too", said an official of the sports bureau.

August 8 is the third national fitness day of China. To welcome opening of the sports meet and the third national fitness day, the sports bureau decided to open the sports facilities to the public. Sport games are encouraged.

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