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Fenghua’s sceneries are connected to improve the quality of new life

Recently “2023DS Nature Exploration Competition Ningbo” was held in Fenghua Ningbo Bay. As the venue of this event, Fenghua Ningbo Bay is known as “West Lake on the Sea and Sanya in Zhejiang”. In the event, more than 1000 young athletes and parents from across the country experienced the charm of Fenghua's green mountains and blue sea in an immersive manner.

In the Tianfei Lake Scenic Area of Ningbo Bay, boats are parked on the blue surface of the lake, and a large lawn camping site is on the shore. Tourists are busy building a canopy. The campsite is adjacent to a spacious avenue, and the "small train" in the scenic area carrying tourists is slowly moving. The renovated "car style café" in the carriage sends out fragrant smell. Ms. Xu, a nearby villager, informed us that this is the only perennial clear water area in the coastal waters of the East China Sea. The landscape there is like a "wallpaper". Recently it has become a popular spot for "City Walk" (city stroll).

“Taking advantage of the narrow and semi-enclosed bay, we will hold various competitions while also taking into account the sense of gain of the public. Currently, on the basis of the sailing camp, we will continue to create projects such as the 'Ningbo Bay Six Wharf Scenic Area', paddle sports camp, dragon boat sports camp, and deeply cultivate the fields of 'sports tourism and leisure'." the relevant person in charge of the Tianfei Lake Scenic Area in Ningbo Bay said.

Starting from Ningbo Bay and driving along the coastal linie for less than 10 minutes, you can reach the national 3A tourist attraction “Shuimo Matou”. These two scenic spots are located on the coastal scenic line of Fenghua.

Located in Qiuchun Town, Matou Village has a rich historical heritage, with a large number of buildings from the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China periods, covering over 40000 square meters. Walking among the ancient alleys and buildings, the tourists can have a dialogue with the past. The huge blue stone door frame supports the high door head, and the eaves on both sides protrude, creating an extraordinary atmosphere. This is the Weiji Hall built during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty; Not far from it, a two and half story building that blends Chinese and Western elements is eye-catching. It features both Chinese style gilded stone carvings and Western style glass lattice windows... The entire village is like an open-air "architectural museum".

With the unique business card of ancient architecture, Matou Village has also made full use of traditional culture. The village has renovated some of its ancient residences, including intangible cultural heritage exhibition rooms, pastry processing workshops, and red imprint halls. They enrich the village's tourist attractions. Last year, the Shuimo Matou Scenic Area received a total of 138900 tourists.

The coastal scenic line has a total length of 17 kilometers and radiates scenic spots within a range of 5 kilometers on both sides of the line. The entire line showcases the charm of green mountains, blue seas, and urban-rural landscape integration through the construction of three sections: the bay vacation section, the wetland mystery seeking section, and the cultural life section. The relevant person in charge of the project stated that this is one of the sixth batch of boutique tourism lines launched in Fenghua, as well as the lake and mountain scenery free travel line. In addition, there are two characteristic blocks including Ningbo Jinmao Square and Lianbu Qingyun, as well as 10 projects in Ningnan Industrial Incubation Base

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