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11 villages in Ningbo chosen as “future village” pilots

It is learned from the Ningbo Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and Zhejiang Provincial Office of the Improvement of Urban and Rural Landscape has jointly issued the list of the first pilot villages for “future village” construction in the province recently, in which a total of 11 villages in Ningbo were included.

The 11 villages are as follows: the Maoxin Village of Gulin Town of Haishu District, the Waicao Village of Yongjiang Sub-district of Jiangbei District, the Yongwang Village of Zhuangshi Sub-district of Zhenhai District, the Jiufeng Mountain area of Daqi Sub-district of Beilun District, the Wandi Village of Xiaying Sub-district of Yinzhou District, the Tengtou Village of Xiaowangmiao Sub-district of Fenghua District, the Xiejialu Village of Simen Town of Yuyao County, the Hengkantou Village of Liangnong Town of Yuyao County, the Wan’anzhuang Village of Zhouxiang Town of Cixi County, the Haitou Village of Liyang Town of Ninghai County, and the Gaoni Village of Huangbi’ao Township of Xiangshan County.

Reportedly, the pilot villages have so far completed the preparation of their respective construction plans. According to the plans, the pilot villages will actively promote the project construction in line with the requirements of party construction, with humanization, digitization and ecology as the core concept. In accordance with the requirements of the prosperity of leading industries, beautiful and livable places and flourishing theme cultures, they will develop based on the rural characteristics of Ningbo. The implementation of such multi-scenario applications as smart medical treatment, community culture and smart education, smart tourism, smart assistance, smart elderly care and smart children care will promote the pilot construction and demonstration of agricultural and rural modernization in the villages

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