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Growing enthusiasm in R&D drives the innovative development in Haishu

The economic indicators of Haishu District in the first three quarters were recently announced. According to that, this year marked the first three-quarter GDP of this district broke 100 million for the first time, with a year-on-year growth rate of 11.5%, leading the whole city. The investments in R&D for the district’s enterprises on the registry rose by 25.5% year-on-year, 2.56% of which were contributed by the industrial sector, ranking first in the city.

 Behind these figures is the strong willingness and abundant energy of Haishu enterprises to seek high-quality development by giving full play to scientific and technological innovation.

 Why are enterprises willing and equipped to invest in R&D? The entrepreneurs answered: "The fluctuating market environment and the trend of transformation and upgrading have pushed us to a juncture where we must change. And we are embolded to do so with the policy and financial support from the government and the resources from innovation platforms."

 The Three-Year Action Plan for Hard Science and Technology Innovation in Haishu District (2021-2023) was issued, the special policy for R&D investment, the special policy for technical cooperation between colleges and enterprises and the talent policy were formulated, the evaluation of R&D performance based on the indicators of the efficiency per mu and the allocation of resources was adopted, and the requirement for pre-vetting R&D investment indicators for industrial project sites was proposed ... The “tropical rainforest” model of enterprises innovation is gradually taking shape in this district, which continues to underpin the R&D investment of enterprises. In the first three quarters of this year, the region's financial science and technology spending grew by 258.5% year-on-year, and technology transactions reached 1.67 billion yuan, ranking the 3rd in the city in terms of completion rate.

 Thanks to this, the traditional industry strives to get rid of the “innovation bottleneck". This year, the textile and garment enterprise Boyang, together with Snow Wolf, started the procedure of declaring high-tech enterprises, and once successful, they will be able to obtain 10% income tax preference and enjoy 200% policy dividend of the additional deduction ratio. The action of leading enterprises, as well as tangible returns and gains, will inspire more SMEs to prioritize research and development, notably, textile and garment enterprises account for a third of R & D costs among 39 new enterprises in the first three quarters.

Thanks to this, the new industry has embraced a "second acceleration". Ningbo Tongchuang Strong Magnet Co., Ltd. and the National Magnetic Material Industry Measurement and Testing Center have jointly developed a high-performance NdFeB material for dysprosium-free automotive motors, and the establishment and application of large-scale 3D cultivation technology for stem cells by Sinosai Bio has made its way to the first batch of major science and technology research and leading projects in Ningbo in 2021. The Cui Bai Li innovation block, which is built on the major innovation platform, is also accelerating its construction and will be completed by the end of the year, catering to more high-capacity R&D talents and high-quality innovation projects.

“More enterprises have increased investment in research and development, joined the ranks of high-tech enterprises, the industrial chain, transformed from factor-driven to innovation-driven model, from the demographic dividend to engineer dividend iteration, is the general trend and the necessary path." The official of Haishu District Committee said, next, the district will actively follow the new round of scientific and technological revolution, industrial reform and consumption upgrading trend, pay more attention to the kinetic energy accumulation and long-term development, so as to accelerate innovative transformation, and constantly activate the endogenous vitality and create innovative development cradle as soon as possible

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