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Jiangbei focuses on "highlight projects" construction

Since its opening in May this year, the Congma River Chinese Style Cultural Block, located in Cicheng Town of Jiangbei District, has led to a total consumption of nearly eight million yuan, according to the statistics from the related departments of the district. This cultural block, with its "Chinese Style" theme, has become a new Internet-famous site of Ningbo.
The Congma River Chinese Style Cultural Life Block is located at the junction of the "ecological leisure belt" of Jiangbei District and the "Yaojiang River Historical and Cultural Corridor". In addition to the reservation of the spatial pattern of the ancient street, it reproduces the urban texture of the integration of the county and water, creates a watery village landscape in the south of the Yangtze River with white walls and black tiles, and gathers a variety of fashion industrial formats such as traditional and time-honored restaurants, original clothing, river view home-stay inns, and cultural and creative markets. A creative lighting show has been launched every weekend to attract thousands of tourists for a visit.
Just like the Congma River Chinese Style Cultural Life Block, the upgrading and reconstruction project of Yaojiang historical and cultural corridor has been promoted rapidly since this year, with the Old Bund and the Cicheng Ancient Town at the two ends of the corridor. The ecological leisure belt has given full play to its ecological and

suburban advantages, accelerated the improvement of its environmental appearance and carried out the integrated development of the beautiful economy. In addition, the 20 highlight projects in the area have been running fast. In the first three quarters of this year, about 2.024 billion yuan has been actually invested, completing 118% of the annual investment plan, and a new breakthrough has been made in the construction of major functional blocks.
Since this year, Jiangbei District has taken the construction of "highlight projects" as an important starting point for regional high-quality development, highlighting industrial development and style coordination. With project guidance as the core, it will coordinate industrial development, and build from multiple dimensions such as construction quality, internal and external environment, overall design and quality connotation, striving to build a "new business card" for Jiangbei's economic and social development.
Focusing on the "highlight projects" construction, Jiangbei District is comprehensively exploring and developing high-quality humanistic, historical, economic and geographical resources in the area. Relying on the advantages of waterfront resources, it is promoting the connection of Yaojiang River new town, Cicheng new town, the core waterfront area and the northern section of the Higher Education Park, to form a radiation effect. Meanwhile, by further deepening the work requirements of "rich connotation, brand creation, quality building, grade improvement, image and characteristics building", the district is continuing to strengthen the project-driven development of linked blocks, to promote the comprehensive improvement of the surrounding environment, and to strengthen the industrial attraction, transformation and promotion, thus promoting the development of Ningbo with the "Jiangbei action".
"The ‘highlight projects' construction is an important carrier to show the characteristics and highlights of the quality and efficiency improvement of Jiangbei District. We will continue to tap the internal resource endowment according to the standard of a holistic scenic spot, promote the coordinated development of industrial upgrading and urban-rural integration, create a number of scenic spot business cards and Internet famous places, and promote the completion or production of a number of major high-quality projects, to better meet the citizens' yearning and expectations for a better life." said a related person in charge from Jiangbei District Party Committee

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