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Haishu Longguan Township was invited to participate in the COP15 parallel forum

The 15th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations "Convention on Biological Diversity" (CBD COP15) was held in Kunming yesterday afternoon. It was learned from the relevant departments of Haishu that Longguan Township was invited to participate in the COP15 NGO Parallel Forum. This is also the only township-level representative invited in the province.

 Why can Longguan successfully "out of the circle" and appear in Kunming? It is understood that this is mainly due to Longguan’s unusual practices in biodiversity conservation. At present, Longguan Township is actively promoting the background survey of biodiversity in Siming Mountain. It is the only district/county (city) in the city that is not on the task list but actively carries out this work.

 At the same time, Longguan Township is carrying out the construction of a biodiversity experience base, and actively participates in the series of theme activities "Towards Kunming: I am committed to nature", and has submitted an independent commitment to biodiversity. It is the only township in the province that participates.

 Longguan Township is located at the eastern foot of Siming Mountain, the “Green Lung of East Zhejiang”. It is surrounded by numerous mountains and has a forest coverage rate of 86%. It has rich ecological resources and a wide variety of species. It is also the habitat of the first-class national protected animals such as the Oriental White Stork and Hooded Crane, and it is the "green treasure house" of biodiversity in East China. On the basis of the excellent natural resource endowment, the local area also has a good tourism foundation. It has been rated as a famous national characteristic landscape tourism town, with more than 1 million tourist visits per year. It is a "tourism + biodiversity" for the protection and utilization of biodiversity. Convergence and development provide the possibility of protection.

 On May 19 this year, the Haishu District Biodiversity Experience Site was officially launched in Longguan Township. After the base is completed, it will become the largest biodiversity experience base in the province, and it will also provide strong support for the protection of biodiversity in Ningbo. "Biodiversity is an important foundation for human survival and development, and creating a biodiversity experience site is an effective exploration to expand the transformation channel of the "two mountains"." said the main person in charge of the Haishu District Committee.

 At present, Longguan Township has signed a pairing and co-construction agreement with the Youth League Committee of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment to form the "Zhejiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment-Longguan Alliance", and will jointly carry out a series of exchange activities related to biodiversity conservation in the future

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