Ningbo will build another medium-sized reservoir

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Tuesday, 31 August 2021 13:56

It was learned from the Municipal Water Resources Bureau that the Ninghai Qingxi Reservoir project has passed the planning site selection and land pre-examination of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Natural Resources, laying a solid foundation for the next feasibility study report approval and land use approval of the project.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Water Resources Bureau, the water resources in the Qingxi Basin are relatively rich, but the natural runoff is uneven. Due to the lack of reservoir regulation, the irrigation water supply is mainly based on weirs, and the process distribution is not compatible with the irrigation water supply requirements. With the economic and social development of downstream of the reservoir, under the current conditions of the water supply project, the guaranteed rate of irrigation downstream of the reservoir is 39%, and the guaranteed rate of urban and rural water supply is 54%. Only a large-scale storage capacity can reach the 95% water supply guarantee rate.

The Qingxi Reservoir Project in Ninghai County is one of the control engineering projects for flood control and water supply recommended in the "Comprehensive Planning of Qingxi River Basin",

and has been included in the "National Opinions on the Construction of Medium-sized Reservoirs (2013~2017)" and the provincial flood control and drainage project list. The project involves Ninghai County of Ningbo City, Tiantai County of Taizhou City, and Sanmen County. It is a medium-sized reservoir. The dam type is a concrete gravity dam. The catchment area above the dam site of the reservoir is 92.50 square kilometers. The flood level of the reservoir is 113.71 meters. The total storage capacity is 85.11 million cubic meters and the normal storage level is 110 meters. The total project investment is about RMB4 billion. The main buildings are composed of barrages, water discharge structures, power generation, and water diversion structures, etc.

After the completion of the project, the downstream flood control capacity of the reservoir can be improved, creating favorable conditions for the people in the downstream area to live and work, industrial and agricultural production development. At the same time, it can make use of the abundant watershed under the premise of satisfying the flood control safety, water ecological safety, and sustainable use of water resources in the river basin. The water resources provide high-quality water supply to the downstream Sanmen Bay area, and provide important water source protection for the development of the area, which is of great significance to the development of the Sanmen Bay area