Xiangshan City Brand Logo Unveiled Yesterday

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Wednesday, 11 August 2021 14:50

On the morning of July 29, the 24th China (Xiangshan) Fishing Festival and the Xiangshan City Brand Logo Launch Conference was held. At the meeting, the Xiangshan city brand logo was released, and the new era "Yuguangqu" was solicited from the world. At the same time, the 16th China Ocean Forum and the "Sailing Asian Games Dynamic Sand Row-Asian Games Xiangshan" were introduced.

As a series of activities of the 2021 Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, this year’s fishing festival has the theme of "Vientiane mountains and seas welcome a good harvest, fishing opens the world to celebrate a well-off", promotes "Vientiane mountains and seas" and attracts "people, mountains and seas", and strives to create a fishing festival that never ends. . The entire event is composed of two major sections, "Vientiane Mountains and Seas" and "Yukaitianxia", starting on August 1st and ending on October 31st. Before and after, there were more than 10 activities including the "Gourmet Feast", the 19th Xiangshan Seafood and Food Festival, the Sea Sacrifice Ceremony, and the Sailing Ceremony.

At this press conference, the Xiangshan city brand logo also appeared for the first time. The logo is composed of 5 rhythmic lines, with the most beautiful coastline at 30 degrees north latitude of Xiangshan in the middle. Using this as a link, the mountains and seas of Xiangshan are cleverly connected, and the "Vientiane Mountains and Seas, Thousand-Year Fishing Village, Baili Yintan, Shifen Seafood, and Yiqu Yuguang" are subtly summarized in the ups and downs and rhythms of the lines. The five lines are also staves, and a brand new song of high spirits is playing.

In order to give full play to the power of music and art to recreate classics, create classic music that reflects China’s marine civilization and marine culture, create another golden business card for China’s music, and sing the "fishing light" of the new era. At this press conference, Xiangshan also officially solicited original marine music (song) "Yuguangqu" from around the world