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Ningbo accelerates "beautiful bay construction"

It is learned from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning that over the past three years, Ningbo has renovated 110.7 kilometers of coastline, ranking first in Zhejiang Province, accounting for one third of the total length of the province's coastline.
"The superior marine resources provide a strong support for Ningbo's economic development, but at the same time, they also bring harm to its development and utilization." said a related person in charge from the bureau. A series of problems, such as poor coastal zone, degradation of coastal wetlands, weakening of marine ecosystem, and reduction of coastal comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation capacity, have sounded an alarm for Ningbo's marine ecology, especially the coastal ecological restoration.
Since 2016, China has been making efforts to support the coastal areas to carry out the blue bay regulation action. As one of the first "blue bay" projects in China, Ningbo's blue bay renovation project has a total investment of 518 million yuan and central financial support of 400 million yuan. The comprehensive treatment project of Meishan Bay in Xiangshan Port and the ecological island reef construction project of Hua'ao Island in Xiangshan County have been implemented respectively. In 2018, in accordance with the national and the provincial requirements, NIngbo launched a three-year action to renovate the coastline, involving 49 sections of the coastline in six districts and counties of the city, with an investment of 127 million yuan.

"The task assigned by the province is to renovate and repair 110.07 kilometers of coastline. By the end of last year, we had over-fulfilled the task and renovated a total of 110.7 kilometers." According to the person in charge, the main contents of coastline remediation include coastline pollution cleaning, coastline upgrading for disaster prevention, damaged coastline restoration and landscape coastline upgrading. Xiangshan County, with a total length of 39.3 km, ranks No.1 in the city in terms of restoration length, followed by Ninghai County and Beilun District.
Through the construction of a 2.2km-long plank road, the Songlan Mountain coastline renovation project of Xiangshan County connects five beaches along the way, which not only changes the previous extensive management mode, but also adds a beautiful scenery to the Asian Sailing Base. After several years of comprehensive management, including coastline renovation and restoration, Meishan Bay has become one of the few blue bays in the Yangtze River Delta area, and has been listed as a typical case of national marine ecological restoration. The monitoring results show that the water quality of Meishan Bay reaches the class III seawater quality standard.
To be kind to the sea is to be kind to yourself. In the following period, Ningbo will continue to support and promote the construction of projects funded by central financial subsidies, and start a new round of coastal ecological restoration investigation

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