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Sailing bay demonstrating coastal style

With the starting point of Xiangshan Toll Station, the key point of Yafan Road, and the ending point of Maoyang Toll Station, the "sailing bay" line of Xiangshan County is 50 km long, with a total investment of 442 million yuan. It is planned to complete an investment of 124 million yuan this year.
The "sailing bay" line, the most lively coastal scenic line, is located in the golden area of the most beautiful coastline at 30 degrees north latitude in Xiangshan County. It is surrounded by such national 4A scenic spots as the Songlan Mountain Coastal Tourist Resort and the Xieqian Port Scenic Spot. With distinctive coastal characteristics and integrated development of culture and tourism, the line shows the surging image of Xiangshan County riding the wind and waves and sailing for a long time.
As the venue for the sailing events of the 2022 Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, the Asian Sailing Center is half on land and half on the sea, which is the only project that needs to be constructed on the sea for the Hangzhou Asian Games. "The project, with a total investment of 602 million yuan, is divided into two regions: the competition and training center and the harbor and pools. In September this year, it will host the sailing competition of the 14th National Games." said Wu Yamin, Executive Deputy Director of Xiangshan

Preparation Committee of the Asian Games.  The Asian Sailing Center can not only fill the gap in the development of coastal marine sports in eastern Zhejiang Province, but also cultivate a new engine for the development of the "sports + tourism" industry, fully demonstrating the marine characteristics of Xiangshan County as a modern coastal county.
Meanwhile, the Damiu Bay and Songlan Mountain area, where the Asian Sailing Center is located, is trying to build itself a national tourist resort. As the only coastal tourism resort integrating "mountain, sea, island, cliff and beach" in Ningbo, the Songlan Mountain scenic area is currently undergoing core area transformation and upgrading, with a total investment of about 370 million yuan, and it is planned to be implemented in two phases. "The first-phase investment is about 290 million yuan, mainly for landscape greening and architecture of the four blocks: the entrance landscape reconstruction area, the outdoor theme square area, the seaside development area and the automobile camp (the lawn camp area). The first phase is planned to start in October this year." said Wang Chenghong, Director of the Development and Construction Management Center of Damu Bay.
Besides the tourism and sports elements, the "sailing bay" is also rich in innovative elements. The South Center of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology is one of them. In June, the first-phase pilot incubation base of the project was completed and delivered. "We will introduce high-quality scientific research resources to provide comprehensive support for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the strategic layout of emerging industries, such as technology research and development and technical services." According to Long Weimin, Director of the South Center, there are 105 scientific researchers at the center, of whom 90 have a master's degree or above, accounting for 86% of the total

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