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Cloud Connect China 2021 concluded

The Cloud Connect China 2021 came to a successful end on June 18. During the three days of the conference, about 40 experts and scholars delivered wonderful speeches, attracting over 1,000 entrepreneurs.
As is reported, as one of the top ten cloud computing events in the world, the global cloud computing conference was founded in the Silicon Valley in the United States, and has been held in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. Since the 2017 global cloud computing conference was held in Ningbo, it has been held for four consecutive times. Over the past four years, the conference has not only brought Ningbo advanced experience in the development of global cloud computing, but also enabled Ningbo enterprises to take advantage of this platform to go global.
This year's session of the conference is also fruitful. At the main forum, more than ten celebrities had wonderful sharing and discussion on topics such as the development of digital economy, the future application of data and artificial intelligence, the first application of hybrid cloud, and digitalized "made in China" products.

At the four sub forums held on June 18, more than 20 experts gathered together with the most cutting-edge information and cutting-edge technology of their own fields to answer the difficulties and pain points of digital reform in detail, bringing a feast for the participants on digital reform.
During the conference, the closed-door meeting of 30 leaders of the third cloud connect world (C30 meeting) invited a total of 30 guests from the five major sectors of government, industry, university, research and application. Centering on the theme of "industrial Internet, new logistics pattern", the conference discussed in depth the new digital development opportunities brought by the "integration of logistics and manufacturing" under the background of 5G, and the digital solutions of the the dilemma of the integration.
Experts attending the meeting all believed that Ningbo should take the industrial Internet as the basis and integrate the development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry as the key direction of future urban development. In building a new logistics pattern, the city should adhere to the leading position of port and the main body position of enterprises, and promote the overall digital reform. Great efforts should be made to promote the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, ecological collaboration and platform sharing of logistics enterprises, to vigorously build logistics Internet and other digital logistics infrastructure, and to gradually realize the organic integration of logistics, commerce, manufacturing and supply chain services.
Meanwhile, it is necessary to realize the redistribution of information resources through innovative applications. With the hub information platform as the core work, Ningbo aims to break the data barriers, achieve data integration, sharing and business collaboration, and create more application scenarios, so as to improve the level of industrial digital application, realize the common sharing of data in manufacturing and logistics industries, and promote the efficient collaboration between industrial chain and supply chain. Guided by the industrial Internet, Ningbo will adhere to the path of "point to line and then to surface". With the "machine replacement", automatic production line transformation and intelligent factory upgrading, Ningbo will cultivate a large number of digital, platform and high-end manufacturing enterprises, promote the high-quality development of manufacturing and logistics industry, and build itself a leading city of industrial Internet. It will actively do a good job in the cultivation of localized compound talents. The establishment of the talent evaluation and career development channel system has provided sustainable talent support for the digital reform of  the integration of the logistics and manufacturing.
During the conference, the 8th "Top Cloud Connect Awards" announced the 2020-2021 excellent solution awards, excellent digital transformation case awards, leading brand awards, most potential enterprise awards, excellent team awards, influential person awards for the cloud computing industry, new talent awards of the cloud computing industry and other awards

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