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Beilun traditional intangible cultural heritage exhibition held

Recently, Beilun District Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition was held in Yunqu Square, Guoju subdistrict, which opened the prelude to the series of intangible cultural heritage activities of Beilun District's "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day".

With the drum beating, two lively little lions danced. "This is a lion dance in Meishan! It needs one to work hard to jump on the plum blossom pile. The performers in front and behind are very tired. You see that the lion's eyes are still moving!" the onlooker Grandpa Cai said with excitement while watching the performance.

At the event site, there were a number of intangible cultural heritage performances such as Guo Ju's "horse lantern dance", "sound puppets", "  Fish-drying dance", Beilun's "Chuanshanzaofu", "big tank", etc. "Xinqi paper-cutting" "Folk Color Embroidery" and "Huqin

Making Skills" also attracted the attention of the visitors. After watching the exhibition activities of intangible heritage performance, the tourist Ms. Wang said happily: "This kind of activity is very good. It will give you an opportunity to learn about the intangible cultural heritage. I hope such an event can be held every year.

At the event site, 16 of the sixth batch of district-level intangible cultural heritage representative projects and the list of 3 expansion projects, inheritance bases, and inheritors were announced, and the plaques were awarded. It is learned that Guoju subdistrict was successfully shortlisted for the creation of a town with intangible cultural heritage characteristics in Ningbo this year. So far, six items including Guo Ju's Lantern Festival Parade, Drum Pavilion, and sounding puppets have been included in the municipal intangible cultural heritage list. "Guo Ju Drum Pavilion needs to be passed down from generation to generation. We have also made efforts on Drum Pavilion. Now we finally have an heir. We hope that the heir will pass on our Guo Ju intangible cultural heritage from generation to generation." said Zhang Xinxiang, the inheritor of the Drum Pavilion.

In recent years, Guoju subdistrict has actively explored the intangible heritage protection system, focused on the stepwise protection and inheritance of intangible heritage, continuously improved the inheritance pedigree, strengthened the construction of the inheritor team, injected fresh vitality into the non-genetic inheritance, and formed an inheritance echelon of "combination of old, middle and young people". At the ceremony, the Guoju Subdistrict Intangible Cultural Heritage Research and Protection Institute was established, and the inheritor apprenticeship ceremony was held to explore new models of intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance, improve the operation and management of the intangible heritage base, and organize and serve the successor team well better

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