An "Art Visiting" Activating Residents' Creativity

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Thursday, 13 May 2021 13:55

During the "May 1st" holiday, Chengyang Village, Dongqian Lake Town welcomed a record high daily passenger flow, exploring the model of "art invigorating the countryside" to create a "future well-known international tourist village". On May 5, the secretaries and resident representatives of Danfeng Community and Zijuan Community, Baihe Street, Yinzhou District, walked into Chengyang Village and started a special “art visiting”.

"Chengyang Village is even better than the city now!" "These designs are so ingenious!" Along the way, everyone couldn't help but marvel at the beautiful butterfly changes in Chengyang Village.

From an obscure small mountain village to the current "net celebrity village", Chengyang Village took only 9 months to build thirty or forty nodes, which can be described as one scene at a time, and one scene at a time.

Along the way, we can see some wine jars from time to time. The body of the jar is painted with twenty-four solar terms and a bamboo joint is inserted in the mouth of the jar. "This is our original'ashtray', specially used for throwing cigarette butts." After listening to the staff's introduction, the residents' representatives lit their eyes. Liu Yanyan, a resident of Danfeng community, immediately raised her phone to take a photo. “This idea is really good. It not only beautifies the environment, but also subtly cultivates civilized habits.”

A series of “grandfather’s treasures” were exhibited in the white-walled and gray-tiled bungalows. The old-fashioned objects suddenly aroused the residents' interest, and everyone took pictures and checked in. "We have a lot of such old things in our house, and we can build an exhibition hall in the community!"

The old objects and abandoned objects have been exhibited and designed into public art, and the bungalows have become immersive exhibition halls. The relevant person in charge of the Danfeng community carefully observed the exhibition craftsmanship and layout design, and communicated with social workers on the feasibility of holding an exhibition of old objects in the community. "Although the villages and communities have different tastes, they can find common ways to revitalize the arts, such as the cultivation of civilization and the transformation of old things. These are all worth learning."

After visiting the giant straw hats, mini waterwheels and handicraft workshops, Wu Xinyu, a paper-cut expert in the Zijuan community, has a deeper understanding of "art revitalizing the countryside". "Art not only beautifies the countryside, but also brings realism to the villagers. What I have gained. I didn’t expect our unremarkable skills to be used. I’ll go back and think about how to make better use of my paper-cutting works.”

An "art visiting" planted the seeds of art for urban residents