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Ningbo Women's Half Marathon starts on April 18

It is learned from the Haishu District Sports Department that the "Yong Shi Cup" 2021 China Ningbo Women's Half Marathon will start in Zhangshui Town in the district on April 18. Registration for the event has been officially launched and citizens can register by clicking on the relevant links of the "Yong Shi Cup" 2021 Ningbo China Women's Half Marathon on public accounts such as "Ningbo Women's Marathon" and "Millennium Haishu".

This competition is divided into women’s half marathon group, with 600 participants; warm men’s half marathon escort group, with 100 participants; women’s happy run group, with 200 participants; warm men’s happy run escort group, with 100 participants. The distance of the half-marathon project is 21.0795 kilometers, starting and ending at Jiaokou Reservoir and Miyan Village in Zhangshui Town; the distance of the happy run is 8 kilometers, starting and ending at the intersection of Jiaokou Reservoir and Wetland Park respectively. The half marathon is open to citizens over 18 years old and under 60 years old, and happy run will extend the age of participants to 12 to 60 years old.

The maximum reward for the half marathon is 5,000 yuan in cash, and the first runner in the happy run will receive 1,000 yuan in cash. After the competition, the results of all the winners will be announced on the official website of the competition for 7 days. If there is no objection, the organizing committee will arrange the distribution of bonuses.

As the only half marathon specially designed for women in Ningbo, Ningbo Women's Half Marathon is an event set up to stimulate the enthusiasm of Ningbo women to run and cultivate more women to have a healthy and active lifestyle. The Ningbo Women's Half Marathon has been held for 5 sessions. Relying on the unique landscape, historic ancient villages and ancient roads in Zhangshui Town, Haishu District, and the pink and charming cherry blossoms, it has won unanimous praise from many contestants

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