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Rape blossoms dress up Cixi "Grand Agricultural Park"

The rape blossoms are in full bloom in the Modern Agricultural Development Zone of Cixi. (Photo by Chen Zhangsheng and Chen Qiaoping)

Recently, nearly 3,000 acres of rape blossoms in the Modern Agricultural Development Zone of Cixi City have been blooming, attracting many tourists to "check in" and enjoy. "It is beautiful in sunny days and hazy when it rains. With a variety of gestures, they make people feel the good time of spring." Mr. Guo, a photography enthusiast, praised.

The contiguous sea of flowers highlights the Cixi Modern Agricultural Development Zone. In the Chia Tai mulberry field planting base, more than 1,000 acres of rape blossoms are more than beautiful. Miss Wang said that every year, she would bring her child here to enjoy flowers and sketch, "This flower field is close to the seawall and intertwined with the wind turbines in the distance to form a charming picture."  

Every March, the Cixi Modern Agricultural Development Zone will launch the "Flower Festival". At present, there are more than 50 kinds of cash crops, ornamental flowers and plants, and salt-tolerant trees and shrubs on the south bank of Xinci Lake in the park. Among them, the rape-sunflower-zinnia alternate cropping area is about 70 mu. "It used   to be a large area of uncultivated saline-alkali land. After flowers and plants were planted, its image and soil has been improved. Besides, considerable economic benefits have been produced." Mr. Fang, a staff member of the development zone, told us.  

At present, the Cixi Modern Agricultural Development Zone is deeply advancing the integrated development of agriculture and tourism. The 27-kilometer industrial landscape line will be built into a "Grand Agricultural Park " with flowers in all seasons and step-by-step scenery

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