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The city’s publicity week for social work kicks off

Yesterday morning, 2021 Ningbo (Jiangbei) Social Work Publicity Week kicked off in Ningbo Talents House. The activity aimed to promote rural revitalization through gathering the power of social workers.

Social work is a life-impacting profession and the warmest force in social governance and social construction. Social work is the powerhouse for consolidating the fruits of poverty alleviation and facilitating rural revitalization. Ciyuan Post is an employment-assistance social work project run by Cicheng Town Social Workstation last year, which has so far helped more than 150 residents to find suitable jobs for themselves. At present, the project team is focusing its services on helping to promote the integrated development of agriculture and tourism.

This is a miniature of social work helping rural revitalization. It is reported that the city has 10,410 people holding national social workers' professional level certificate, 57 supervisory talents at provincial and municipal levels, 6 national social work service demonstration areas (communities and units), 2 national, provincial and municipal social

work demonstration units, and 50 municipal social work demonstration bases. The city's social workers are devoted themselves to rural service, contributing in serving difficult and special groups, assisting in rural developmental issues, enhancing the capacity of village social organizations, promoting rural cultural construction, and creating sound ecological livability in villages.

The LOGO of Ningbo Social Work was officially released at the event. Orange, the main color of the LOGO, highlights the warmth, vitality and enthusiasm of social work, demonstrating its value concept of "putting people first and helping people to help themselves". The two characters in orange represents social workers. The heart shape between the two characters together with the heart-shaped wave at the bottom represents that Ningbo is a modern port city full of love, and reflects that Ningbo’s social work is built for love, connects the social individuals and communities with heart and promotes the harmonius development of the society.

"The release of the LOGO gives our social workers in Ningbo a greater sense of belonging and identity, and can also better expand the recognition and influence of social work." a social worker from the grassroots said.

The event also includes the award of over 20 the fourth and fifth batches of municipal social work demonstration bases, including the newly selected Wantou Community in Yongjiang Street, Jiangbei District; the appointment of 10 municipal social work supervisory talents as members of Ningbo Social Work Supervisory Lecturer Group, including Mr. Chen Jiammeng, the Party branch secretary in Weilaishengyuan Community, Qianjiang Street; the demonstration of the effectiveness of Ningbo social work as well as outstanding projects in Haishu, Yinzhou and Jiangbei district

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