Ningbo trademark protection helps the rise of famous service enterprises

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Tuesday, 18 August 2020 12:49

Flower Wall Village lost the "Flower Wall"

Xiangshan, as the first batch of national tourism demonstration zone  establishment units, after years of hard work, new villages, new homestays,  and new leisure continue to emerge. These achievements are urgently needed to  increase recognition and increase visibility through distinctive brand  images.

Facing the bay and surrounded by mountains on three sides, Flower Wall Village  in Xiangshan County has gradually built into a well-known leisure and tourism  village that integrates food, accommodation and travel with its unique  geographical location and fishing village leisure culture.

Flower Wall Village wants to register a trademark. Of course, the  preferred name is "Flower Wall", but surprisingly "Flower Wall"  trademark has already been registered by a foreign company.

It is learned that the case of Flower Wall Village in Xiangshan is not  an isolated one. "We have a lot of brand promotion done loudly, but  there is no registered trademark for a long time, and finally we are robbed  of the ‘golden signboard' by other people's goods or services, such as 'Tianyuan  Dingtang, Fangjia’ao, Gaotang, and Dongfangbulao Island' and so on.” The  relevant person from Xiangshan County Market Supervision Bureau said with  regret.

As an open frontier city, Ningbo has had trademark awareness very early.  As of July 15, 2020, Ningbo has 307,603 valid registered trademarks, and on  average, every 1.8 business entities have 1 registered trademark.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Trademark Office of  Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, at present, Ningbo has 64,133  service industry trademarks, accounting for only 20.8% of the total, which is  far from the proportion of tertiary industry in the GDP structure.

It is reported that in conjunction with the city’s service industry  doubling plan, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will focus on  providing brand support in key areas such as modern logistics, commercial  circulation, intellectual property agency, catering and accommodation,  transportation, community services, and consumer business circles, and promote  the emergence of a group of service companies which are among the ranks of  national and even international well-known brands