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New freight area of Ningbo Airport put into use

In early July, with the closing of the old freight area of Ningbo Lishe International Airport, the new freight area was put into official use. The new freight area is another main part of the infrastructure construction of the 3rd-phase enlargement project of the airport in addition to the No.2 terminal which was put into use at the end of 2019.

The new freight area, located to the southwest of the No.1 runway, to the west of the No.2 Terminal, to the east of the South Qiushi Road, and to the north of the extending section of the rail transit line, covers a total area of about 67,000 square meters and consists of the express delivery center and international freight

station, the domestic freight station, the airport customs center, the customs and the cold-chain store. With 10 new cargo airplane parking bays, the new freight area has an annual cargo handling capacity of 300,000 tons.

Since the beginning of this year, with the dramatic decline of the flight number and passenger flow, Ningbo airport has made great efforts to develop the cargo freight to promote the overall resumption of work. In coordination with such major cargo aviation divisions as Shunfeng and Jinpeng, the airport has restarted four domestic cargo flight lines and the cargo flight line to the Americans. It has also newly started the Yuantong flight line to Dhaka, the cargo flight line to Tokyo and the cargo flight line to Frankfurt. With the maximum weekly flight amount of 37, the cargo flights have become a feature of the resumption of work of Ningbo Airport. 

The airport has also encouraged the airlines to start the new cargo flights with the spare passenger airplanes to assist the global transportation of the epidemic prevention materials. As a result, 16 new flight lines to such places as Cairo, Manila, Moscow, Palma and Frankfurt have been started and they have achieved a total cargo freight volume of 348 tons, with the first flight lines to Africa, the ASEAN and Russia from Ningbo. 

The airport has also made active efforts to help the local enterprises. In early March, at the difficulty of the export transport of the Shunyu Group, a local enterprise, the airport lent a helping hand and helped the enterprise to overcome the difficulty. Meanwhile, it has cooperated with other local foreign trade enterprises to guarantee the timely transport of cargo. Since the beginning of this year, the airport has witnessed an over 70% cargo source from the local foreign trade enterprises, building an air-borne logistics green expressway for the efficient resumption of work of the local enterprises.

Statistics show that since April, the airport has seen the growth of cargo freight for three consecutive months over the same period of 2019, with the respective growth rates of 10%, 12% and 48% for April, May and June. The rapid rebound of the cargo freight volume of the second quarter of the year has effectively filled the blank left by the decline of the first quarter, and has laid a solid foundation for the realization of the annual cargo freight objective

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