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Xiangshan holds 1st fishermen's sports meeting

On the morning of July 15, the first fishermen's sports meeting in Xiangshan County was held at Ningbo Ocean Vocational and Technical School in Shipu. 14 teams composed of 168 fishermen and fisherwomen from the whole county competed in fishery production and safety skills.

The competition will last for 3 days and is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Fishermen and athletes will compete in 7 items including fishing vessel safety hazard investigation, fishing vessel manipulation and emergency, weaving nets, tug-of-war, etc., inspecting their comprehensive qualities. On

the morning of the same day, a life raft maneuvering competition was held at the Shimen Beimen Reservoir. Athletes simulated a distress scene at sea, quickly climbed onto the life raft, and cast a signal bomb while paddling to save themselves.

It is reported that this fishermen's sports meeting is the first time in Zhejiang Province. According to the head of the Water Resources and Fisheries Bureau of Xiangshan County, Xiangshan has 15,000 fishermen and more than 2,700 offshore fishing vessels. The safety of fishery production is a top priority. Through competitive sports, it aims to further stimulate the spirit of cooperation among fishermen and enhance fishermen’s production skills and safety awareness

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