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Ningbo accelerates construction of high-level innovative cities

Innovation is Ningbo's core competitiveness. Under the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the 8th plenary session of the 13th Municipal Party Committee reviewed the situation and clearly requested the "building of a high-level innovative city" in the proposal to accelerate the formation of 15 major landmark achievements with Chinese style, Zhejiang recognition, and Ningbo characteristics.". How to accelerate the realization of this goal?

In recent years, Ningbo has promoted scientific and technological innovation and talent team building vigorously, implemented the "tree planting project",

accelerated deployment of high-energy-level platforms, and rapid accumulation of innovative talents, laying a solid foundation for the construction of high-level innovative cities. In 2019, Ningbo R&D expenditures accounted for nearly 2.8% of GDP; the Yongjiang Science and Technology Grand Corridor started construction, and a total of 69 industrial technology research institutes were introduced; 9 newly selected entrepreneurial talents from the Ministry of Science and Technology's "Innovative Talent Promotion Plan" and 6 provincial leading innovative and entrepreneurial teams were introduced, reaching a record high.  

Since 2020, the leading role of Ningbo Science and Technology in industrial development has become more apparent. Especially under the influence of the epidemic situation, Ningbo Science and Technology actively played the role of "helping scientific epidemic prevention, enabling reinstatement and resumption of production", and the city's high-tech industry showed super toughness and fast speed. From January to May, Ningbo’s investment in high-tech industries increased by 17.6% year-on-year, and the value added of high-tech industries accounted for 55.1% of the industry’s added value.  

To build a high-level innovative city, we need to accelerate the establishment of a regional innovation system that integrates platform construction, technology research and development, high-tech enterprise cultivation, and talent cultivation. “Facing the construction of the three major science and technology innovation grounds for new materials, industrial Internet, and key core basic parts, Ningbo is making every effort to promote the “technological competition” with the attitude of “project competition”, accelerating the major platforms such as Yongjiang Science and Technology Grand Corridor and Yongjiang Laboratory 1. Construction of major projects to create a source of technological innovation in superior areas." Huang Zhiming said that these platforms are the potential of Ningbo's development and will become an important support for Ningbo to accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy.

With the support of the science and technology platform, Ningbo will further build a "science and technology enterprise forest" and form a development echelon of technological SMEs, high-tech enterprises, and innovative leading enterprises. Right now, Ningbo is planning to introduce a high-tech enterprise cultivation support policy to further optimize and improve the entire process system for the identification of high-tech enterprises. On this basis, Ningbo will guide more enterprises to build various research and development institutions such as laboratories and innovation centers to comprehensively improve the innovation capabilities of enterprises, so that a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises can truly become the main body of innovation

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