“Reading Month” activity leads Cixi’s new trend of civilization

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Friday, 08 May 2020 13:04

In 2001, Cixi launched the first "Reading Month" activity. The activity has been held once a year for twenty years, with growing social influence. The officer of the publicity department of Ningbo Municipal Committee said, “In recent years, Cixi has championed a culture of reading among our people to improve the happiness index and promote the image of urban civilization. Now, reading spaces has been spread across the city and the countryside, all kinds of reading organizations are emerging and reading brands are rising rapidly. Thousands of people has joined the reading activity, making people more knowledgeable and the city more tasteful.”

Emerging reading spaces have become important practice of civilization in a new era. People in Cixi can read books and think in more than 600 public reading spaces, such as town libraries, staff libraries and rural studies. The rural study of Maosantou Village, Qiaotou Town is Zhejiang's first rural mobile digital library. Relying on the online community service platform, villagers can read anytime anywhere. Cai Yuqing, a villager of Maosantou Village said, “More people reading, less playing cards. Reading makes people wealthy and wisdom, the relationship between neighborhoods more harmonious.”

Rising reading organizations have been new power of civilization practice in a new era. Since the establishment of first farmers’ reading association of Zhejiang, a number of influential reading clubs have been founded. Among them, Daodu Reading Commune, which was established nearly four years ago, has more than 200 reading volunteers and has published more than 1,800 original reading notes. Its officer said, “We tend to build a warm home and cultivate the reading atmosphere through the establishment of public sharing reading platforms. Recently, cooperated with media, Cixi also set up a reading promotion alliance to encourage more people to read.

Colourful reading activities have led the new trend of civilization. Over the past 20 years, Cixi has formed a new trend of civilization "Love reading, read good books and be wise readers" through activities such as “Reading Month”. Reading-themed Music Festival has been well received and Reading Competition attracts hundreds of readers every year. Miss Li, a book lover, said, “Reading activities has improved quality and has made the thoughts more powerful and the city better.