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Ninghai to issue “discount packages for civilized travel”

To welcome the coming May Day holiday and promote the development of civilized travel habits, Ninghai County will deliver 1,000 “discount packages for civilized travel” to tourists, as a means of leading to the new trend of civilized travel.

It is reported that besides the publicity brochures for civilized travel, the discount packages will include the traveling coupons, like the half-price discount coupons for some scenic areas of Ninghai County and the coupons for food and accommodation of some major hotels, as well as various kinds of souvenirs.

According to an official from Ninghai County Civilization Office, a special stamp collecting activity for civilized travel has been designed for tourists.

The tourists can get the stamp collecting cards from the Tourism Service Center of Qiantong Ancient Town, and after they complete the stamp punching in four designated spots, they can finally receive a discount package for civilized travel at the Ancient Pavilion Hall.

The stamps are elaborately designed, with the pictures of Qiantong features as the background and some publicity words for civilized travel to remind the tourists of proper behaviors for civilized travel.

It is also known that Ninghai County will take a special regulation action for business. By implementing the five standard guidance rules including the “joint pledge for civilized travel” and “civilized regulations for tours in scenic areas”, the authority aims to improve the tourists’ degree of satisfaction and enhance the standard of civilized services of tourism enterprises and tourism staff

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