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Picking season for cherries and mulberries

On April 20, the cherry base in Wenxi Zhoucun, Qiaotouhu Street, Ninghai began its promotion in advance. It is learned that with the arrival of the “May Day” holiday, Ningbo ’s tourism market is gradually becoming more and more popular. Seasonal fruits such as cherries, mulberries, and colorful tomatoes are gaining more and more attention, and the “picking mode” has been opened.

Recently, many local early-ripening cherries have been on the market. “Yinzhou ’s orchards have been picked in mid-April. At present, early-ripening cherries have entered the peak picking season, and late-ripening cherries will also be on the market. The staff of Da’ao Cherry Base introduced.

In addition to cherries, mulberries are also the main picking fruit of the season. In the past few days, the villagers of Fantou Village, Shangtian Town, Fenghua District have been busy caring for the mulberry garden. The mulberries here will reach maturity in another week, and are expected to welcome tourists during the "May Day".

According to the feedback information from the cultural and tourism department of our city, the local cherry picking bases in Ningbo is mainly located in Da’ao Village and Shangren Village, Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District; Hengkantou Village, Lianglong Town, Yuyao City; Meibei Village, Meilin Street, Ninghai County, etc. The mulberry bases are mainly concentrated in Xinhoutuqiao Village, Jishigang Town, Haishu District; Wandi Village, Xiaying Street, Yinzhou District; Fantou Village and Jiulong Village, Shangtian Town, Fenghua District; Xujia Village, Shan'ao Village, and Yalinxi in Xiangshan Daxu Town Village etc. Blueberries, Ninghai white loquat and other fruits will also be on the market soon

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