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Chinese tulip trees in flower

Many citizens have seen the Chinese tulip tress on the roads near the area of the Jiangxia Park and Jiangxia Street of Haishu District.

With the special shape of the leaves, the Chinese tulip trees are also called “goose foot trees”. Meanwhile, the leaves also look like the traditional mandarin jackets worn by the ancient people, so they are also nicknamed as “mandarin jacket trees”.

In this period of time, the green leaves of the Chinese tulip trees at Ningbo Botanical Garden are shining in the sunlight. The light green leaves will become golden in autumn each year, looking more like the yellow mandarin jackets.

As is known, the blossom period of the Chinese tulip trees is the late April. As this spring is warmer than usual, the blossom period has come earlier. Currently, the trees at the botanical garden have begun to put forth their flowers.

The flowers of the Chinese tulip trees are just like small bowls in shape. At the beginning of blossom, they are light green in color, and when in full bloom, the flowers may show some yellow shades.

The Chinese tulip trees are the remains of the Cretaceous Period, and the only remaining species of the trees include the Chinese tulip trees and the North American goose foot trees. The Chinese tulip tree is a unique rare plant in China, classified as a kind of Class-2 national wild plants to be protected.

Distributed in East Asia and North America respectively, the trees are of great academic value to the study of paleo-botany, paleo-geography, paleo-climatology and plant systematics

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