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Light the city corners with creativity

The originally abandoned house in the community was transformed into colorful activity rooms for the old and kids, and the dilapidated walls were also repainted with the spark elements of Zhengda Match Factory. With the professional team of NBU Architectural Design and Research Institute to participate in the design, the transformation of Zhengda Garden District in Jiangbei District is refreshing. Speaking of the "butterfly change" of the community since the end of 2019, the residents Xu Qiaoying praised: "This is the site of the original Zhengda Match Factory. After the transformation, not only the community looks new, but also evokes the memories of the old people."

Let creativity “light up” the streets of Ningbo, so that art design and civilization can complement each other. In Ningbo, there will be more and more such explorations. Recently it is learned from the Municipal Civilization Office that the city will carry out the "light the city corner" campaign, to improve the cleanliness of old communities, back streets and alleys through micro-creative renovations.

"Urban renewal should not only involve large-scale, surgical large-scale demolition, construction, and overthrown reconstruction." The person in charge of the Municipal Civilization Office believes that the vitality of a city lies in details, reflected in the balance and openness of public space, the comprehensiveness and convenience of public services, and the elegance and warmth of public life

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