Fenghua district releases hot travel routes for Spring Festival

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Monday, 03 February 2020 13:39

Recently, Fenghua Culture Broadcast Sports Bureau released 6 Fenghua Tourism Routes for Spring Festival, including activities like visiting ancient towns and villages, appreciating plum blossom, experiencing high-mountain skiing, walking on glass tracks, enjoying high quality strawberry, and eating gourmet with Fenghua district characteristics. The route theme is said to be marking the year of the rat, enjoying Spring Festival at Fenghua, and discovering the taste of new year!"

The 6 routes respectively are: tasting new year at village of quality strawberry, enjoying gourmet and plum blossom, staying up for new year at Xuedou Mountain, skiing at high mountains, enjoying plum blossom at Binhai ancient village, experience folk customs at temple fairs. These routes cover hot culture and tourism projects like food, skiing, fair, folk customs and so on.

 According to the director at Fenghua Culture Broadcast Sport Bureau, some hot rural scenic spots would be rolled out such as Qingyun Village, Matou Village, Yantou Village, Lengxi Village, Dayan Village, Nanao Village during 2020 Spring Festival on the basis of some traditional tourist attractions. In 2020, routes promoted by Fenghua will also be combined with Xiaowang Temple fair and Songao Temple fair, offering a more historical Chinese new year to visitors and villagers.

 It is said that Xikou will focus on excellent intangible cultural heritage crafts and skills, integrating traditional Spring Festival tourism projects. An intangible cultural heritage fair will also be organized at the time mentioned above which is to be divided to intangible cultural heritage experience zone, craftsman zone, folk custom experience zone, including activities like paper-cutting, striking rice cakes, and sugar drawing. Not only can tourists taste traditional mouth-watering food, but also have a go on those traditional crafts. The atmosphere of New Year stored in memory would be vitalized through tradition crafts belonging to intangible cultural heritage. So come to enjoy a nostalgic Spring Festival travel!