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Winter fishing at Dongqian Lake

At about 11 on January 11, Dongqian Lake fisherman, weathering chill wind, dragged out the giant nets cast before. This day also marked the official start of winter fishing at Dongqian Lake’s South Lake area, which captured eyes of many citizens.

The most spectacular scene of watching fishing was the moment when fish were out of water. On the boundless Dongqian lake were slowly pulled out nets, and hundreds of fat fish flew out of the water. Then they were pulled aboard the ship, rolling and beating on the deck.

Actually, there existed a Dongqian Lake era in the history of China’s fishing industry. Dongqian Lake currently is the largest freshwater fish base in Ningbo, and fishery production has shifted from simple fish-raising and fishing-hunting mode to "ecological

nourishing" mode of harmony between man and landscape, man and nature. The annual large-scale small fries release makes it possible to maintain the ecosystem of the lake and brings inexhaustible freshwater fish resources to Dongqian lake

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