The second domestic beach football training center settled in Meishan, Ningbo

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Monday, 18 November 2019 16:48

On November 4th, the ceremony for jointly building the Ningbo Meishan Beach Football National Hope Team and the establishment of the Chinese Football Association Beach Football Training Center (Ningbo Meishan) was held.  


“This is the second domestic beach football national hope team and the Chinese Football Association beach football training center established after Wuhua County in Guangdong. We hope that through this model exploration, we will launch social forces to participate in the construction of football projects and find the football development model with Chinese characteristics." Yan Zhanhe, executive committee member of the Chinese Football Association said.

As for why they chose Ningbo Meishan, Yan Zhanhe said: First of all, due to the emphasis and support of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on football work, and the coordination of various departments; secondly, the marketization of football and the exploration of socialization are inseparable from the extensive participation of all parties, including the investment of the club; there is also a very good foundation of economic and social development in Ningbo and the mass basis for football development; finally, there is the accumulation of related work in Ningbo Meishan, which is helpful to explore a football development path that is in line with local conditions  in terms of organization, competition system, personnel training and industrial development. According to reports, Ningbo Meishan training center can hold beach football events, training camps and football festivals and other activities to further promote the popularization of beach football.

The Chinese beach football national team coach Miguel, who is training in Ningbo Meishan, said that the training conditions of Ningbo Meishan are very good. The national team received a warm reception here. "We will work hard to improve the level of Chinese beach football.