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Pilot for “green bank” for waste sorting popular in Cicheng

Every Tuesday, the “green bank” for waste sorting greets a lot of citizens at the Wangjing Community of Cicheng Town of Jiangbei District, who comes to the bank to exchange for rewarding points with old clothes, waste cardboard and old newspapers.

Different from the usual urban communities, the Wangjing Community is composed of some scattered blocks. With the total community population being 3,485 people, the community has a senior citizen rate of over 60%. “Without property management and so many senior citizens, it is difficult to carry out the waste sorting.” said the Party Committee Secretary of the community. To improve the residents’ awareness of waste sorting

, the community started the “green bank” on July 11. The residents can have their own “green passbook”, then they can send the recyclable waste to the community. Then with the prices a bit higher than those of the market, the community will give the residents awarding points, with which they can exchange for some daily goods. For example, according to the exchange form, they can get 15 points for 500 grams of paper and five points for 500 grams of clothes.

At the exchange point, people can get a roll of garbage bags with 30 points, a toothpaste with 80 points, an umbrella with 250 point, 3,000 grams of liquid detergent, and an electric kettle with 700 points. All the products are presented on the shelves and the residents can make their own choices freely. Many residents now prefer to exchange for the rewarding points at the “Green Bank”, as it is much better than selling the waste to waste collectors.

The green bank motivates people for waste sorting. As many senior citizens are not good at using the smart phones for the smart waste recycling system, the green bank can help them to solve the problem.

Reportedly, the “green bank” service has radiated to the whole Cicheng Town, and over 250 residents have opened their “green passbooks”.

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