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Young people learning rush knitting techniques

With the skilled rush knitting techniques, the masters can make the “food covers” with the common rush. Recently, the “Silver Light” volunteer group of the Jishigang Town held a “intangible cultural heritage class” at the Xinhoutu Bridge Village, inviting some rush knitting masters to teach over 30 young volunteers the techniques of rush knitting.

As is known, rush is a kind of natural green plant fiber, and rush knitting is part of the traditional techniques in Ningbo. The rush products are popular for their moisture absorption ability and air permeability. The local people prefer to use such rush products as pillow mats, bed mats, rush cushions and rush fans. According to the knitting masters, this time, the volunteers can learn to make the “food cover”, a traditional product used in summer for keeping the mosquitoes and other insects at bay and maintain the freshness of the dishes.

The knitting masters from the Xinhoutu Bridge Village thought highly of this kind of activity, and they hoped to pass down the knitting techniques and give the young generation the opportunities to enjoy the charm of the traditional culture

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