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Daren Village scenic area reopened after the disaster

On the morning of August 13, several staff members were carefully examining the damage of crops in the landscape farmland area of Daren Village in Jiangbei. After repairs, the affected area in the scenic area was basically restored and opened.

“During the typhoon, more than 300 acres of landscape farmland were damaged and flooded in the scenic area. They are mainly in agricultural boutique areas, rice fields and picking areas. Since these farmlands are mainly used for tourists to visit and pick, we are busy investigating these crops and replant crops on damaged farmland as soon as possible these days.” Gu Chaoqun, a staff member of Daren Village Scenic Area, said.

In addition to farmland damage, trees, climbing plants, and some billboards in the scenic area of Daren Village were also blown down by the wind, and the Ice Kingdom and the Rural Food Village were also somewhat flooded. Upon the end of the impact of the typhoon, the scenic area will organize staff and workers to have repairs and reconstruction in the scenic area, clean up the broken branches, support the fallen trees, and use drainage pump to drain the key inflow points such as farmland and food village

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