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2019 Ningbo International Marathon Race to be held

According to the organizing committee of Ningbo International Marathon Race, the enrolling time of the 2019 session of the race has been finalized, and the potential runners can enroll for the race from 9 am of August 5 to 5 pm

of August 19.

The enrolling platforms include the official website of the race (, the official Wechat account of the race (nbim2015), zx-tour, 51sai, laipao8, PTB, Zhafsports, Iranshao, Paopao, Horizon, and Codoon. According to a person in charge from the organizing committee, upon completing the race, the runners can have the opportunity to get the permit to such marathon events in 2020 as Hangzhou Marathon Race, Taiyuan International Marathon Race and Chongqing Female Half-marathon Race.

In accordance with the terms of the “implementation rules of the grading of candidates of marathon and related sports in China”, the runners who finished the 2018 Ningbo International Marathon Race with the ranking of top 100 can be directly recognized as the candidates for the certain groups (male or female marathon or half-marathon races).

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and show gratitude to the senior marathon runners, the organizing committee of the 2019 Ningbo International Marathon Race has made a decision: the runners born in 1949 (from January 1 to December 31), who meet the qualifications of a certain group, can directly get the permit for attending the race in the certain group

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