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The reconstruction project of Beilun branch railway completed

Beilun branch railway. (Photo by Zhang Yan and He Yong)

On the evening of July 23, more than 230 workers completed the transition of the old track at two docking points in 240 minutes, including the broken track of the original track, the connection with the new track, ballast lining, and the acceptance and the passing of the train were completed. It indicates that the reconstruction project of the Beilun branch railway was completed.

Since then, the speed of container trains entering and leaving from Beilun Wharf has been accelerated from the original 80 km to 100 km, which provides strong support for the completion and opening of the electrification of Beilun branch railway at the end of the year. After the electrification transformation, the diesel locomotive will be replaced by a more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly electrified train, and the single-row truck capacity will increase significantly, which can effectively alleviate the traffic congestion problem of Beilun container transport vehicles.

The Beilun branch railway was rerouted from Daqi Station to Beilun Station. The main line is 30.16 kilometers long, of which 4 kilometers are reconstructed

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