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The 17th Xu Xiake Tourism Festival kicks off

On May 19th, “Ala Intangible Cultural Heritage” Joined China (Ninghai) Xu Xiake Tourism Festival for the first time. Intangible Cultural Heritages like Shilihongzhuang(Traditional Wedding Show), Zhanqi Stilts from Yinzhou, Water Fire Meteor Show from Cixi, Fenghua Cloth Dragon, Xiepu Boat Drum from Zhenhai and other heritages made their debut. More than 40 traditional crafts such as bone and wood

inlay, gold and silver color embroidery, Yueyao celadon production, and Yuyao Homespun are also on display. The picture shows the intangible cultural heritage parade scene. (Photo by Zhou Jianping and Zhou Yanbo)



May 19th is the ninth China Tourism Day. As the main venue event in Zhejiang Province, the opening ceremony of the 17th Xu Xiake Tourism Festival and the launching ceremony of Zhejiang Cultural Tourism Season were held in Ninghai County. Vice Governor Cheng Yuechong attended the meeting, and Vice Mayor Xu Yanan delivered a speech on behalf of the municipal government.

This year's festival is closely linked to the theme of “integration of culture and travel, good life”, and arranges a series of activities with rich content and various forms of participation, including the 8th China Contemporary Xu Xiake Selection, China Tourism Masters Conference and Travel Industry Summit, China Tourism Day Lecture, China Ala Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ninghai International Investment Fair, and the 5A-level scenic spot seminar of Qiantong Ancient Town. At the opening ceremony, the unveiling ceremony of the contemporary Xu Xiake Club and the gift-giving ceremony of “The Walker (Contemporary Xu Xiake)” were held, which included the journey and unforgettable stories of 17 successive “Chinese contemporary Xu Xiake”.

Zhejiang Province Cultural Tourism Season will end at the end of August. With the theme of “Integration of Culture and Travel, and Enjoy Life”, it will host tourism performances, cuisine festival, digital new travel, fashion life, Zhejiang tour, new experience of traditions, Carnival, and book festival.  

As the home of the cultural tourism season, Ningbo and the counties in the city will jointly carry out more than 100 preferential activities for the people.

After the opening ceremony, a large parade of Ala intangible cultural heritage parade was held. 22 parade teams and more than 800 people set off from the Ximen Tower in Ninghai. Many tourists gathered in Ximen Square in Ninghai to witness this spectacular scene

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