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Xiangshan focuses on technological innovation work

The "37°Bay Xiangshan Technological Innovation Center" has been open to the public recently. With the integration of the maker space, incubator, accelerator and industrialized base, this platform for entrepreneurship and innovation has attracted the settlement of 65 enterprises, including 40 technological enterprises. "We plan to introduce 150 projects in three years, so as to build the center a demonstration area for innovation-driven development." said a person in charge from the center.  


Xiangshan County has been taking the lead in the field of technological innovation over the past two years in Ningbo. In the first quarter of this year, the county achieved an added value for the high-tech industry of 1.41 billion yuan, up by 16.1% over the same period of last year. The investment volume of the high-tech industry stood at 410 billion yuan, up by 31.1%.




Since 2018, Xiangshan County has completed the two important platforms (the Peninsula Star Innovation Space and the Xiangshan Technological Innovation Center), attracted the settlement of such important research institutions as the

innovation branch of China Academy of Electronic Science, the southern center of China Academy of Mechanical Science, and Xiangshan Modern Textile Institute of Zhejiang Sci-tech University, and established the joint training base for graduates of Zhejiang Province, further making up for the shortage of technological talents.


A group of leading enterprises and technological giants have promoted the development of the small and medium-sized technological enterprises. For example, by independently developing such technologies as the PET biaxial stretching and swing stripping, the Qinbang New Materials Technology Corporation has greatly enhanced the competitive edge of its products, and in the first quarter, its sales volume stood at 100 million yuan, up by 125%. In 2019, Xiangshan County will strive to attract 100 high-tech enterprises, 25 technological giant enterprises, 70 small and micro technological enterprises, and an addition of 120 innovative start-ups.

The government departments concerned have strengthened their aid and support to the technological enterprises. For example, upon knowing that the KPT New Materials Company was short of capital for research and development, Xiangshan Science and Technology Bureau cooperated with related banks and insurance companies to obtain a two million yuan loan for the company. Reportedly, since the beginning of this year, the bureau has conducted over 50 inspections into the related enterprises and key technological enterprises and managed to solve over 40 problems in project application, college-enterprise docking, entrepreneurial venue location and financing

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