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Guanying Village titled as “chess-featured demonstrative village”

Recently, the awarding ceremony was held at the Cultural Auditorium of Guanying Village of Yunlong Town of Yinzhou District, awarding the village the title of “provincial chess-featured demonstrative village”. This is the second village in Ningbo to obtain such a title, besides the Guoxia Village of Gulin Town of Haishu District.

The village attracts the attention of Zhejiang Provincial Chess Association with its long lasting chess tradition and excellent chess development atmosphere. The chess association of the village was founded 18 years ago. For a long time, playing chess has been the favorite entertainment of the villagers in their spare time.

A series of chess games, like the “new year chess games” and the “invitational chess tournament for three villages and a town”, are held at the village each year. With a good reputation for chess activities, it has hosted several chess events at the district or provincial levels. In recent years, the village has attached greater importance to this mind sport by conducting public-welfare chess courses in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, in the hope of popularizing chess

knowledge and teaching children chess-playing skills.

At the ceremony, the Ningbo preliminary for the Zhejiang Division of the 2019 Chinese Chess Champion Tournament was held, attracting 80 chess amateurs throughout the city

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