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Haishu Reading Festival Enhances People’s Love for Books

Haishu Reading Festival kicks off on April 21st, and is to last to June to hold a hundred or so reading activities. Haishu District of Ningbo hopes to host the festival to involve citizens in building a scholarly Ningbo, and to boost their love for books.

The passion for reading serves as the key to achieving nationwide reading. “In the past, our supply pattern lacks variety, which reduces people’s affection toward books,” said a person in Haishu Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, “as a result, the district is going to look at the supply-side, and focus on pooling and using various social resources to enhance people’s tendency toward reading.”

To build a scholarly Haishu, the district attracts many well-known bookstores like SDX Joint Publishing Company and Sisyphe Bookstore, making Haishu the district with the most dense distribution of physical bookstores in the city. Also, the district establishes a three-level village-town-district network where 150 book borrowing and returning places and 60 reading rooms enable more citizens to enjoy reading.

The Haishu District also welcomes other social forces to join in building reading bases and rooms, aiming to share social and folk reading resources. The first 24-hour bookstore now opens in the district; “Fenglinwan” Cultural Space and “Paper Plane” Child Bookstore are extending to villages and communities; Gulin Town cooperates with Xinhua Bookstore to build a “reading park” featuring book borrowing and returning, book-buying, cultural creative products, and catering; since 2018, over a thousand activities have been successfully held by a hundred odd reading social organizations, benefiting millions of readers

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