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Haishu strives to establish Zhejiang’s first 5G demonstration district

On April 23, the province’s first 5G integrated application demonstration zone was unveiled at Haishu. Based on China Telecom’s 5G network, involving medical, industrial, security, conference coordination and so on, it marks the official start of the 5G application era in Ningbo.

What are the characteristics of 5G, and what changes will it make to the development of industry and consumption? It is understood that 5G has many features that 4G cannot achieve due to its large broadband, large connection and low latency. For example, 5G transmission speed is 10Gbps to 20Gbps, which is 100 times of the current 100G speed of 4G network; with a million-level connection per square kilometer, the delay of 5G is still less than 10 milliseconds.

Not only improve the speed of the network, the use of 5G in the live video broadcast can improve the ultra-clear image quality from 4K to 8K. What does 8K ultra-clear mean? When the picture focuses on someone’s face, the public can see the texture and facial freckles on his or her skin, and even each eyelash, according to the relevant person in charge of China Telecom Ningbo Branch.

“The characteristics of large broadband will make the VR experience more comfortable.” The person in charge said that the current 4G transmission speed can not meet the VR experience requirements, because The public can’t see clear

images after wearing VR glasses, and wearing them for a long time may cause dizziness.

The 5G that greatly increases the transmission speed will completely solve the problem. It is not difficult to speculate that after the future 5G commercialization, VR technology will be widely used in the following fields such as telemedicine, education, entertainment and so on.

The characteristics of the large connection indicate that in addition to connecting the mobile phone, the 5G can also connect glasses, watches, shoes, clothes and other items. The low-latency features will also be the basis for future autopilot, tele-surgery, industrial automation and more.

Haishu will step up 5G network infrastructure construction in 2019, said the relevant person in charge of Haishu economic information bureau. It aims to build more than 2,000 5G base stations jointly with the three major operators by the end of the year, so as to realize the full coverage of key transportation hubs, business centers, hospitals and industrial areas.

While improving the network foundation, Haishu will take 5G as the core to carry out in-depth exploration in smart city, remote smart medical care, automatic driving, industrial intelligent manufacturing, smart life and other aspects. At the same time, relying on the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute, Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute and other platforms, Haishu will strive to build the province’s first 5G integrated application demonstration zone, along with 5G long-distance driving, wireless smart factory, AR inspection business project research in other fields

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