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Selection of "top ten entrepreneurs with painting talent" to be launched

The 2nd selection of "top ten entrepreneurs with painting talent" will be launched to build a platform of learning, discussing, communicating and displaying for the entrepreneurs interested in art, creating a better cultural atmosphere for the business circle.

The selection activity is jointly sponsored by Ningbo Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication, Ningbo Daily Group, Ningbo Radio, Film & Television Group, Ningbo branch of Zhejiang Daily Group, and Ningbo Radio and Television Weekly. The candidates of the selection are the local prominent entrepreneurs with interest and talent in painting and calligraphy. The range of the works include different forms of painting (like Chinese painting, oil painting, water-color painting, and print making), calligraphy and engraving. 

The final result of the selection will be released in the press, and the excellent pieces of works will be exhibited at Ningbo Art Gallery and later on published in book form

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