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A picture to tell you why the Spring Festival to be at home

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Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the day is the Lunar New Year's Day, Hangzhou West Lake scenic spot ushered in tourists 508,400 passengers, up 41.39 million last year, an increase of 22.83%.People all people, become the West Lake scenic intuitive impression


The second day of the Spring Festival holiday, holiday tourism usher in a good start. Holiday tourism market around the trend of warming trend, and gradually enter the tourist peak travel. By the National Tourism Administration data center comprehensive estimates, January 28 the total number of tourist reception 65.2 million passengers, an increase of 14.7%; to achieve tourism revenue 76 billion yuan, an increase of 14.5%.

Railway 28 ushered in the lowest passenger flow throughout the year, Beijing Railway Bureau, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Guangzhou Railway Group and other key regional lines of long-distance passenger flow dropped significantly, short-distance passenger traffic is climbing. Civil aviation, the main investment in international routes, such as Southeast Asia, to meet the needs of outbound tourists, marking the outbound tour will usher in the peak. Significant differentiation of domestic routes, conventional routes fares substantially reduced, Dali, Lijiang and Sanya and other destination routes is a ticket is hard to find. Highway, the highway to maintain a small flow, passage more smoothly.

New Year's Day, the tourist cities and tourist attractions (spots) to prepare the work of the full, colorful holiday tourism, tourism order to maintain security and order.

The Shanghai Oriental Zoo received 15,800 tourists trips, an increase of 4%; Jinmao Tower Tourism Hall received 11,800 tourists trips, the East Pearl TV Tower received 21,000 tourists trips, , An increase of 5%; Shanghai Science and Technology Museum of 16,000 tourists trips, an increase of 70%; Oriental Bozhou received 0.32 million tourists trips, an increase of 28%.

Among the 160 major A-grade scenic spots in Beijing, 1.01 million were tourists, of which, 144,000 were tourists of modern entertainment type, 17.8% more than that of the same time; and 36,000 were of natural landscape type, up 16.7% year-on-year; Scenic reception 0.5 million people.

Heilongjiang ice and snow travel the most popular, Harbin Ice and Snow World 3183 tourists trips, sales income of 870,000 yuan; Sun Island Snow Expo Scenic Area tourists 8066 people, ticket sales 755,100 yuan. Hegang City, the major tourist attractions of snow were 17,000 tourists trips, tourism income of 2.668 million yuan. Daxinganling area of ​​23100 tourists, an increase of 26.4%.

Jiangxi Province into the province's focus on monitoring the six scenic spots (points) received 140,100 passengers a day, tickets income 8,187,600 yuan, of which Lushan received 2.21 million tourist trips, an increase of 7.8%; Jinggangshan number of tourists received 06,500 people, An increase of 10.89%.

Hubei into the province's key monitoring of the 25 major tourist attractions (spots) received a total of 158,000 visitors, to achieve tourism income of 31.602 million yuan, up 20.4% and 12.9%. Among them, folk tourism and hot spring health is a popular tourist products.

Hunan Province into the province to monitor the 72 tourist attractions (points) to receive tourists 1.2.05 million passengers, an increase of 109.4%; to achieve ticket sales 58,544,600 yuan, an increase of 91.9%. Nanyue Scenic Area, Shaoshan scenic area, the number of visitors received the first three. Tickets revenue The first three tourist attractions (points): Yueyang floor Junshan Island area, Anhua Tea Horse Road, Jiuyi Mountain area.

Hainan January 27, the province's 11.3 million people into the port, an increase of 18.4%, leaving 7.29 million, an increase of 6.6%.

Guizhou Province received 1,823,600 tourists trips, an increase of 28.16%, to achieve total tourism income of 795 million yuan, an increase of 31.25%. Qingyan town, Chishui tourism complex, Xijiang 1000 Miao Village and Huangguoshu tourist areas and other major tourist attractions are exceeded million times.

Guangdong into the statistics of 106 key scenic spots (points) received a total of 1.862 million tourists trips, an increase of 0.6%; tourism revenue 132 million yuan, an increase of 4.09%.



The second week of Spring Festival passenger arrival peak: average daily flight more than 9500 flights

According to the CAAC website news, the second week of 2017 (January 20 - January 26), civil aviation ushered in the peak passenger transport before the Spring Festival: the implementation of the national aviation enterprises Passenger flights of 7.0 million classes, an increase of 10.1%; total send visitors 1085.8 million passengers, an increase of 14.9%; available seats 13.831 million, an increase of 10.6%.

The second week of Spring Festival, the daily flight frequency of civil aviation in more than 9500 classes, the overall upward trend; passenger volume of more than 1.45 million passengers, load factor were higher than 80%. January 20-21 and January 24-25, civil aviation passenger volume and load factor showed two peaks

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