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Sound infrastructure invites investments for Dongqian Lake

A recent report on the tourist market of Dongqian Lake released by the Department of Industry and Commerce shows that in the first ten months of this year, there are in the lake area 626 newly-registered tourist business bodies, with a total registration capital of 1.38 billion yuan, up 56.2% and 885% over the same period last year. Up to present, 1905 business bodies, or 62.1% of the total 3067 bodies, are engaged in the tourism-related business. The scale of the tourism-related registration capital is bigger than ever, with 8 out of 10 yuan of the registration capital dealing with tourism, adding up to 4.157 billion yuan, or 81.2% of the total capital.

The reason for the quick development of the tourism in Dongqian Lake lies in the formation of its three-dimensional tourist service system covering accommodation, restaurants and passenger transportation. Statistics show that this years there are 452 tourism-related business bodies, ranging from hotels and restaurants, transportation, wholesale and retail, entertainment to business services, up by 286 over the last year. The increase in the fields of hotels and restaurants, transportation and business services is all above 60% over the same period last year.

With the improvement of the tourist infrastructure, Dongqian Lake is attracting investments from some influential enterprises. According to a related official from the Dongqian Lake Branch of Industry and Commerce Department, seven more investment companies have registered this year, with an overall registration capital of 1.155 billion yuan. At present, there are altogether 18 tourist investment companies, whose registration capital takes up 40.4% of the whole market.

It is reported that the tourist construction projects are on the rise at the lake. 49 projects with a total investment value of 18.748 billion yuan have kicked off. 12 projects with the total investment value of 1.115 billion yuan are under way. And 18 projects with the total investment value of 897.48 million yuan have been completed. Among others, five tourist investment enterprises engaged themselves in the construction of the four functional zones of Tianluoshan Scenic Area, Aquatic Garden, Sunshine Beach and Mashan Wetland, with a total investment value of over 2 billion yuan.

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