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Yinzhou to spend 200 million yuan recruiting overseas talents

In the following five years, Yinzhou will put in about 200 million yuan to recruit 100 overseas talents listed in the talent programs of the state, the province the city. Financial support as much as 6.6 million yuan will be given to a talent and his program qualified for related conditions.

In recent years, Yinzhou has made constant efforts to develop the talent invitation platforms like the Business Park for the Returned Scholars, and the Innovative 128 Park. So far, the district has recruited over 90 high-level professionals as senior managers and core members of programs. Of these talents, there is one listed in the "China Global Expert Recruitment Program" , and three listed in "the Global Expert Recruitment Program of Zhejiang". The recruited overseas talents have become an important part for the economic and social development of Yinzhou.

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