Zhenhai sped up construction of modern marine industry system

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Tuesday, 31 January 2012 10:12

Zhenhai District recently released its overall objective of marine economy development: in the next five years, it will speed up the construction of modern marine industry system including port and shipping service industry, advanced port manufacturing, marine engineering construction and emerging marine industries, and make efforts to build the demonstration zone of marine economy.

To develop the superior large port industry and to build the first-class petrochemical and new material industry base has been one of the major goals of the district. To achieve it, the district will scientifically make the long-term planning of Ningbo Petrochemical Economy and Technology Development Zone, optimize the layout of all the combinational functions, strengthen the development of core industry clusters and develop such emerging industries as new petrochemical materials and fine petrochemical industry. By speeding up the construction of the major projects such as Heyuan and AkzoNobel, the district strives to become the national demonstration zone for advanced port manufacturing.

To greet the era of marine economy with large logistics and to build the three-dimensional service system is the key of the port and shipping service industry. To realize the goal, Zhenhai District set up a logistics service system composed of the bulk commodity trading platform and the land-sea linkage system of network, financial and information support. It is also accelerating the construction of the base for bulk commodity transporting, processing and trading and the construction of the container trunk port.

Recently, the district introduced the new policy to promote the development of the shipping industry by awarding the added capacity. The service environment will be optimized to promote the development of shipping industrial clusters and the construction of the centers for shipping business, information and trade.

According to the plan, by 2015, the gross marine production of the district will be over 50 billion yuan. The port cargo throughput will be over 50 million tons, with the turnover of bulk commodities reaching 100 billion yuan and the total shipping capacity reaching two million tons. The research and development investment will account for more than 2.5% of the gross marine economic production, and the advance in technology will contribute 70% to the marine economy.