Port of Ningbo sees a rapid growth in domestic container transportation

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Monday, 24 October 2011 09:24

According to the latest report of the operation in the third quarter by Ningbo Port Co., Ltd., from January to September this year, the containers for domestic trade handled amounted to 1,009,000 TEUs, increased by 25.4% above the same period of the previous year. Exceeding the total than handled in the whole year of 2009, this amount contributes a lot to the record breaking container transportation in the first three quarters this year.

Statistics show that in the third quarter this year, Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. handles 4,180,000 TEUs, increased by 13.5% above the same period of the previous year. From January to September, the total of containers handled amounted to 11,567,000, increased by 14.9% above the same period of the previous year, and covering 79% of the annual plan.

In this year, the flagging economic situation on the market in Europe and America has considerably affected the container transportation of the ports of China. In face of this situation, the port of Ningbo has taken active measures by seizing the opportunities brought forth by China's expanding the domestic demand and by strengthening the strategic cooperation with the artery shipping companies. With theses measures, the port has expanded its market for domestic trade containers from the ports on the coastal areas and along the Changjiang River.

Early this year, the port of Ningbo started to strengthen the cooperation with the big shipping companies and the ports in the north and the south of China, so as to promote the shipping business for foreign and domestic trade. The port of Ningbo sees a steady increase of containers from Guangzhou, Tianjin and other cities to be transferred to Zhapu, Wenzhou and Taizhou. This increases the role of the port of Ningbo for the goods from the northern and southern ports. In the meanwhile, the port of Ningbo has strengthened the transferring network for the domestic trade, by integrating the port resources and improving the supporting shipping facilities in Zhenhai and Zhapu. So far, it has finished building the transiting platform for domestic trade which consists mainly of Ningbo Daxie China Merchants International Container Terminal and Zhenhai Port.