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New Policies to Aid Entrepreneurship and Employment of Rural E-Business

From the declination of traditional mill rice cakes to the innovative electric business revival of Rainbow rice cakes; from traditional aquatic farming distribution to the electric-business transformation of industry chain and at last become sales champion of green crab on Taobao; Xiangshan Shi pastry, a handmade pastry inherited from Song Dynasty, is now active on the network putting on stage its historical past and present, these, are the leaders of rural electric business in Ningbo, however, for many other farmers or new farmers, it’s still of great difficulty to leave off hoeing and take up e-business. Recently, the seven government departments of Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, Agricultural Office, Education Bureau, Finance Bureau, Commerce Commission, Communist Youth League and Supply and Marketing Cooperative jointly issued the implementation of the Notice on Promoting E-commerce Entrepreneurship and Employment in Rural Areas, in boosting entrepreneurship and employment of rural e- business.

It is understood that if residents of Ningbo and college graduates within five years after graduation start rural e-business and operate normally, or are certified as having been working at rural e-business service station for more than 1 year and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the law for 1 year, they can enjoy social security subsidy for entrepreneurs by government of Ningbo. Meanwhile, setting up e-business shops or being certified as online entrepreneurship can enjoy a maxim startup secured loan of 500 thousand Yuan as well as full discount for loan rate. What the seven departments jointly issued also include room rental subsidy for startups and wage subsidy for employment in new startups, etc. and the rural e-business enterprises can enjoy a highest loan subsidy of 3 million Yuan if they recruit local residents or college graduates within five years after graduation to come certain amount. Besides, since January 1, 2016, college graduates within 2 years after graduation who find their first job in rural small and micro-sized companies and satisfy corresponding conditions can get employment subsidy of 2000 Yuan per year for as long as three years. What’s more, people on the position above deputy general manager in the key e-business enterprises in Ningbo can make an exception to register in the assessment of senior economist without restriction of educational background, work qualification and job requirement and enjoy brain gain supporting policies according to the regulations, and those who have attended rural e-business skill training, entrepreneurship training and acquired corresponding certification can also enjoy training subsidy according to the regulations. 
It’s also proposed in the notice that till the year 2020, Ningbo would have trained 20000 e-business talents, supported 10000 people in setting up rural e-business which offering 400000 employment, established a municipal-level incubation park for rural e-business, and strived to ensure at least one county-level rural e-business entrepreneurship incubation park, one rural e-business service platform and one logistic enterprise for rural e-business in every county (county-level city), and the well-off villages can each have one e-business service station. So to help the farmers set up business and find jobs, and increase both production and income while at meantime keep inheriting rural culture.

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